Why Did Yale Choose You

Why Did Yale Choose You

Although I did smirk reading the subtitle Embracing Average, I really enjoyed Alexandra Gers’ reflection in the Yale News on her application file and why Yale chose her. Anyway, what stood out to me was this:

When I flipped the page, it was kind of like being slapped in the face. “She didn’t strike me as thoughtful, introspective or determined.” Repeatedly. “I couldn’t figure out what she was passionate about.”

For high school students targeting (or preparing to target) selective colleges and universities, take note:

  • Thoughtful
  • Introspective
  • Determined
  • A clearly defined passion (I don’t love the word passion so let’s call this “interest”)


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Happy Holidays! And Congrats Admitted Students!

What a crazy month! Most “early” programs have released decisions, and we couldn’t be more proud of where the students we have worked with gained admission! Check out some of the schools on our current admit list:

University of Michigan
Franklin and Marshall
New York University
Boston College
UT, Austin
University of Pittsburgh
George Washington University
Indiana (Kelley)
Santa Clara

Although nothing makes us happier than when a student gets into their top choice school, we are equally grateful for having the opportunity to get to know an unbelievably talented group of students who trusted us to guide them along the way. So congrats again, happy (app-free) holidays, and thank you!