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What We Do

College Admissions
We help students streamline the entire process of applying to college, from figuring out their academic narrative and developing a resume to crafting a smaller, targeted college list and writing essays in less time, with less stress. BMC works with students to gain admission to the schools that are the best fit for them—not just the schools that are perceived to be the best. College rankings never guide our work.
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Essay Coaching
We believe essays can make or break an application! No application is ever memorable because of a GPA or test score. Our essay coaching process is far more than an editing service. We help students uncover their stories, learn what colleges are looking for through certain essay prompts, choose what stories to tell where, and then tackle the essay writing process in less time and with less stress.
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Graduate School
Our primary focus areas are business, law, public policy, education, psychology, international relations, English, fine arts (including artistic portfolio support), and music but we love branching out and lending our expertise to related fields. Our graduate school admissions services are customized to fit each client and where they are in the process.
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Early Career Counseling
Mapping out a "career strategy" early on can be especially helpful as students seek out internships and other pre-professional opportunities the summer after they graduate high school and into college. We provide early career advising, resume development and editing, and teach students how to take advantage of on-campus advising once they arrive at college.
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The Complete College Essay Handbook:

Hi. If this were a podcast, this would be the part where we’d say, in our distinct voices: “I’m Brittany.” And then: “I’m Emma.” We’ve been working together to guide students through their college applications since 2016. After a few years, we realized our process was not reflected in any of the essay materials we found elsewhere, so we decided to write it down. What started as internal documents for our students eventually turned into a book and we are writing to announce that…


The Complete College Essay Handbook is now available on Amazon

It’s a no-frills, practical guide that will give students the confidence and know-how they need to craft the best essays for every single school on their list—in less time and with less stress. The Complete College Essay Handbook walks students through:

  • What makes an essay stand out, drawing on sample essays by real students to illustrate main points
  • Brainstorming activities to find the best topics for the personal statement and supplemental essays
  • How to write the two central components of every application essay: scene and reflection
  • Editing and revision—including techniques to cut down or expand an essay to hit the word limit
  • The four types of supplemental essays and how to decode the different essay prompts, using actual essay questions
  • The strategy behind a well-rounded set of application essays

We are excited to get our expertise and years of experience into the hands of as many students as possible, for the upcoming college essay season.

If you have feedback—or just want to say hi—email us at

Thank you for your support! – Brittany & Emma

From The Blog

Support for Deferred Students: Crafting a Deferral Strategy
Support for Deferred Students: Crafting a Deferral Strategy
December 6, 2023
Every year we work with a handful of deferred students on turning those defers into admits. Reach out to us if you want individualized guidance! Some colleges and universities can’t admit a...
January Executive Function Intensive in NYC + 1:1 Offerings
January Executive Function Intensive in NYC + 1:1 Offerings
November 29, 2023
For college students and soon-to-be college students based in NYC! This intensive, two-day program will be in person in a small-group format and cover general planning, time management, stu...
Perfectionism and the College Application Process
Perfectionism and the College Application Process
November 6, 2023
Perfectionism and applying to college don't mix!  A quote from Angela Duckworth exemplifies precisely why: Perfectionistic people work hard but unsustainably so. They often find themselv...

Special Programs


Office Hours: Undergrad Business Applicant Discussion

Mark your calendar for June 13, 7 pm Eastern. We’ll explore what it takes to be a competitive undergrad business applicant, the difference between studying business and economics (and which path might be right for you), high school course selection and other ways to demonstrate quant skills, and finally, how to develop a differentiated academic narrative and corresponding resume.

More information will be posted on the blog—subscribe for updates!



Calling All Artists!
Visual/Artistic Portfolio Coaching

Justin’s course begins with a review of the student’s interests and background in the arts and continues through personalized assignments. Included are routine progress check-ups, constructive critiques, and the provision of relevant historical materials. To develop a high-quality portfolio of approximately 10-15 artworks, students will embark on 15 one-hour-long meetings focused on technical proficiency, experimentation with a variety of mediums and practices, and a continued focus or theme. 

For a more detailed outline of the course or information regarding how we help students develop artistic portfolios and write artist statements of purpose, please email us or call 609-618-3584.




Complete Your Common Application Essay in One Week! 

Want to get the most important piece of writing in your college application completed efficiently and effectively? 

In one week of focused work with an essay expert, you will be able to check a very important college application item off your list: the Common Application essay.  

More specifically, in this program you will: 

  • Attend a live session to learn what makes a successful Common Application essay.
  • Complete our specialized brainstorming process, working with an essay expert 1:1 to decide on the most unique approach to your essay. 
  • Draft your essay and receive detailed, targeted feedback to take it from a rough draft to a polished final essay—in four days!

You’ll also get access to sample personal statements by real-life students we’ve worked with (and who have gained admission to selective colleges and universities!).

When is this program offered?

  • This course is offered on-demand! Let us know your preferred week, and we will reach out to you with our availability. If we are not available for your preferred week, we will work with you to find another time that fits both of our schedules. 

Who should sign up for this program?

  • Juniors and seniors who are ready to write their Common App essay (aka the personal statement) and who have a significant chunk of time each day to dedicate to it over the course of one week. This means they have time every day, for seven days, to work on their essay. 

How do I get more information and pricing?




Interview Prep

Colleges interviews have moved online, and we are offering interview prep sessions via Zoom and Google Meet this summer and fall.

Practice with a parent or friend, or practice with us, but never go to an interview unprepared! Learning how to interview is a skill for life, not just for the college process. Email us if you are interested in learning how to ace your virtual interview.




Purpose Projects

Colleges love seeing students take part in meaningful, self-directed work.

We help students in grades 9-11 create purpose projectsa project they design and implement (with our help!), which taps into their interests and talents (the things they love, that bring them joy, that they want to study in college, or that they feel could best help their school, community, or the world). A purpose project is connected to a deeper purpose and has tangible outcomes that the student sets.

Past projects from our students include writing a children’s book, completing a literature review or book challenge, creating a trailer for a documentary (and founding a non-profit, a school club, an app), spearheading an innovative volunteer event, fundraising for an organization in a creative way (selling artwork, an Etsy shop, etc.), and hosting a yearly beach clean-up. The possibilities are endless!

Email us if you are interested in learning more.

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