Alumni Interviews

Alumni Interviews

Alumni interview season is here!

For many students, college admissions interviews are fear-inducing. Although there is some decent prep material online, you can often go right to the source for clarity on what the process entails. There is no reason to fear your alumni interview because many schools have their protocols and the guidance/instructions they give your interviewer available for you to review online—including possible interview questions.

You do not need to spend hours preparing answers to hundreds of questions to prepare for alumni or any other college admissions interview thoroughly. Canned responses sound unnatural. In my experience, taking the less stressful approach bodes well for students: they do not waste hours preparing, which can detract from other important tasks (homework, community engagement, application essays, sleep), and because they have not overprepared, they will sound far more natural and “themselves”—a goal for the IV process. 

Remember, so much of a college admissions interview (and this entire process!) is about likeability—rehashing your resume word-for-word does not make you likable, but being able to hold a conversation and do so with ease does! You’ll find some alumni IV resources below:

You can find a general list of potential interview questions in older posts, but contact us if you want individualized help preparing for your college interviews—alumni or otherwise—or want access to additional materials. We’ve helped hundreds of students ace their interviews and gain acceptance to their first-choice colleges and universities—don’t miss an opportunity to shine live!

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