Don’t Miss Early Merit Scholarship Deadlines

Don’t Miss Early Merit Scholarship Deadlines

To be eligible for merit scholarships, many schools require you to submit your application by a specific deadline. Many of these deadlines are earlier than RD deadlines. 

Every year College Kickstart compiles a list of some of the most popular schools with early merit scholarship deadlines.

A few of the schools you’ll need to submit by 11/1 include:

  • Indiana
  • Michigan State
  • NC State
  • Purdue
  • TCU
  • UF
  • UMD
  • U Miami

A few of the schools you’ll need to submit by 11/15 include:

  • DePaul
  • Emory
  • OSU
  • Rutgers
  • South Carolina

A few of the schools you’ll need to submit by 12/1 include:

  • Auburn
  • Boston University
  • Claremont McKenna
  • Clemson
  • FSU
  • UConn
  • Richmond
  • USC
  • Wake Forest
  • Vanderbilt

Visit College Kickstart for their full list.

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Colleges Extending Early Deadlines

Colleges Extending Early Deadlines

News Alert!

Some schools are extending early deadlines beyond 11/1. Villanova and Tufts are two more recent examples. Others include:

Cal State

If you have apps ready to submit, we 100% do not suggest you hold onto them unless you are waiting for test scores. Better to get apps in early and move onto interest letters and ED 2 and RD apps. Tinkering with already completed apps is NEVER a good idea. 

However, if you are a bit behind on app work, check the admissions pages of the schools on your list and check your email — you might have some wiggle room this year. Colleges make these updates via email if they are added to your CA Dashboard and or if you are on their mailing list (you should be). 

Note: the Common App might NOT immediately reflect adjusted dates. Do not rely on it for updates and accurate information. 

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