Free Virtual Event! ADHD & Motivation: Tools for Achieving Your Goals in 2022

Free Virtual Event! ADHD & Motivation: Tools for Achieving Your Goals in 2022 is excited to present:
ADHD & Motivation: Tools for Achieving Your Goals in 2022 is a presentation by ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach and self-advocate Brooke Schnittman MA, BCC, ACC, and self-advocate and writer Ali Idriss.
Join Ali and Coach Brooke – co-hosts of the series “ADHD Power Tools” – as they offer tools and tips for finding motivation while navigating ADHD. Their 30-minute presentation will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. If you can’t make it during the live event, a link to the recording will be sent to all registrants.
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Different Brains® is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and acceptance of the basic variations in the human brain known as neurodiversity; ending the stigma attached to the related diagnoses and treatment; uniting silos of resources and research whose goals could be better achieved through collaboration; offering support to families and caregivers; and improving the lives and maximizing the potential of those whose brains may be different.
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2016 MBA Admissions Webinars to Watch

This past year, the dream team of former admissions gatekeepers at Fortuna Admissions shared their insights in a series of webinars covering key topics from M7 School Application Strategies to How to Ace Your MBA Interviews. In case you missed any of these, now is a great time to catch up on the wealth of insider information they shared on how to get into a top MBA program.

Here are Fortuna’s 9 recent webinars, and within each recording, you can fast-forward to specific topics that interest you the most:

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4.       Creating a Strategic Resume for your MBA Application

5.       A Winning MBA Admissions Strategy for the M7 Schools – with Former HBS, Stanford, and Wharton admissions gatekeepers

6.       How to Build a Winning MBA Application – with Former LBS & INSEAD Admissions Staff

7.       How to Ace your MBA Interviews

8.       The Inside Track to MBA Admissions Success for the M7 Schools – with Former Wharton and Booth admissions gatekeepers

9.       Standing out in an International Applicant Pool – with Former LBS & INSEAD Admissions Staff