College Admissions

High school students and their families need accurate, timely information from a trusted source as they navigate the college search and application process. BMC provides clients expert guidance, and the information and support needed to navigate the process efficiently and effectively. The process of formally applying to college should start the summer after 11th grade, but planning for it starts much earlier.

Although our work with clients is highly individualized, it typically begins in 10th grade and includes:

  • Guidance on high school course selection
  • Choosing an area of academic interest (major, minor, concentration) for college applications
  • Guidance on constructing and continuing a narrative that supports the student’s academic interests
  • Identification of extracurricular activities to build the academic narrative
  • Summer program identification and completion of summer program applications
  • Resume/activity sheet development
  • Application strategy development (i.e. where to apply and when)
  • Guidance on test prep (AP, SAT, ACT, TOEFL)
  • Guidance on school outreach and strategic demonstrated interest
  • Process guidance and the creation of timelines and internal deadlines to maximize the efficiency of all application work
  • Essay content strategy and development
  • Essay review and line-by-line editorial critique
  • Application data review
  • Social media audit and digital profile review
  • Artistic portfolio guidance
  • Interview preparation
  • Deferral and waitlist strategy

During a complimentary consult call, we discuss where you are in the process and learn about your goals. After this call, we might suggest a meet-and-greet via Zoom or FaceTime with your student. If our philosophy and approach match, and we decide to work together, we jump right in.

Because our work with students is highly individualized, we can’t pre-outline or create a “program” for students before working with them. Students who work with us comprehensively (who are not “essay only”) will receive guidance every month through a Monthly Action Plan email, 1:1 meetings/calls, and additional knowledge-sharing correspondence. Although we have found an action plan that includes all of the above serves students best, we recognize not all students need or want support for all parts of the process so we offer an hourly option if we determine that is appropriate.

So what don’t you help students with?

We pretty much do it all…but we do not provide assistance helping students appeal decisions or figure out how to finance a college education. We can help with simple scholarship searches and, of course, completing scholarship applications. If you would like a referral for an Independent Educational Consultant who specializes in paying for college, let us know.

We don’t provide a day-by-day, step-by-step “to-do” list or daily check-ins/reminders, but we do help students stay organized, on task, and a bit ahead of the game by:

  • Sending a monthly action plan (MAP) with what they need to be thinking about or working on
  • Giving them a personalized timeline for completing tasks related to applications (essays, resume, application data)
  • Periodically checking in with them (and parents, if requested) to remind them of deadlines or to follow up if they have missed our internal deadlines
  • May suggest a weekly check-in call during crunch time to help them stay on task or complete essays!
  • Sending additional knowledge sharing correspondence, for example, emails on topics like:
      • Resources for building a balanced college list and application strategy
      • Getting started on the Common App
      • What’s the deal with AP Testing?
      • The test-optional and test-blind download
      • College research and what that might look like (with examples!)

We feel strongly that honest, accurate advice and support should be accessible. We will work to make our services fit your budget to the best of our ability, while still placing a high value on our expertise and time. We invite you to read our blog as well as join our Facebook group Conquer the Common Application—a private group to help students do just that. Although it is a private group, anyone—not just formal clients—can request to join to access free information and advice.For essay guidance, you can also grab a copy of The Complete College Essay Handbook.

Please fill out the contact form to schedule a free, 20-minute consultation. And to get a sense of where the students we support are admitted, head over to the results page.