Approach to Counseling

BMC helps students gain admission to the schools that are the best fit for them—not just the schools that are perceived to be the best. College “rankings” never guide our work. We help students streamline the entire process of applying to college, from strategically developing a resume and crafting a smaller, targeted college list to learning how to decipher essay prompts and write essays in less time, with less stress.

We believe that transparency—around all aspects of the college admissions process—matters. We hope our honesty and expertise can demystify the college admissions process so that students can tackle their applications and make decisions with confidence.

The students we work with come from all academic backgrounds, public and private schools, and target a wide range of selective colleges and universities. They are motivated and eager to work directly with us. They see us as trusted partners in their application process.

We work with students and their parents, but the student must always be in the driver’s seat. Although we are happy to talk extensively and one-on-one with parents to help them understand the process of applying to college today and fill in any gaps left by high school guidance departments, most of our work is direct with the student. We will not, for example, work with a student “through” a parent, with the parent serving as the driver in the process. We are unable to make exceptions.

Determining Fit

Before signing on to work with us (or if you are reading this, reaching out for a consult call!), we ask that parents think deeply and realistically about their intended level of involvement in this process. If you, for example, tend to manage your student’s schoolwork or extracurricular schedule, you might be inclined to do the same with their college application work. That’s fine, but if so, it means you won’t be a good match for us, and we can send you some amazing referrals.

We also do not help parents navigate “connections” with development offices, board members, trustee colleagues/neighbors/friends, or other channels through which they might try to help their student gain an “edge” in admissions. We do, however, understand the significance of legacy admissions and encourage strategic approaches to legacy if an applicant is qualified. We cannot help students apply to colleges where they would not gain acceptance on their own.

Interested in working with us?

The first step is to schedule a free, 20-minute consultation call. This call is with a parent. A separate “fit call” is scheduled directly with the student if we decide to move forward after the initial consultation. Please fill out the contact form or email us to schedule a consult call.