Essay Coaching

Most clients work with our team comprehensively and purchase packages of hours. However, we do accept clients on an essay-only basis. Our essay coaches are exceptional, but focusing on essays only comes with a warning: there is little point in writing amazing essays if you are applying to schools or programs that are too far out of reach or for which you do not have the resume.

Our essay coaches work with students to design and execute essays, from choosing topics to deciding which additional essays to tackle first to providing line-by-line critiques of their drafts and setting deadlines every step of the way. Essay coaches can be extremely hands-on (e.g., twice-weekly meetings, mini-deadlines, outlines for each essay, etc.) or more hands-off if a student does not need or want that level of support. Essay coaches will tend to be more hands-on, especially for the first few essays, unless you let us know in advance that you want a more hands-off approach. Many writers need less and less support as they progress through the essay sets. We expect the first phase of essay work to include “figuring out” what approach works best for your student.

Whether your student needs a lot of support or not, we expect all students to write and revise essays on their own time, outside of meetings with their coach; our essay process is intentionally asynchronous. If your student can sit down and complete homework without you sitting next to them, they can complete their essay work on their own time. If a student only completes an essay when they are in a formal meeting with their coach, they are relying too heavily on the coaching relationship. They will also accumulate time very, very quickly. So this model is very, very expensive. What’s more, for a student to claim an essay as their own work, they have to write it, think about it, and revise it on their own time. And yes, that often means struggling. We are here to facilitate the process, but not to make it easy! We can meet with a student to brainstorm ideas, review feedback, provide support, and discuss next steps, which is all part of our standard process, but students need to work on essays on their own time in addition to live meetings.

Finally, essay coaches expect to work and communicate directly with students (not parents), and they do not provide daily reminders.

Please email us to schedule a consultation to learn more about out essay coaching process.