Essay Management & Editing

Having read thousands of personal statements over the course of our careers as counselors, writing tutors and coaches, and admissions officers, the easiest explanation is that we just “know” when we read an effective essay! And a formula? Please ignore anyone who tries to convince you that one exists.

We offer essay management and editing services to help students navigate the essay process efficiently and effectively. We help them identify what makes them special (or is special to them!), to find a story that illustrates this and then get those thoughts onto the page in a clear, concise, and engaging way. We also provide writing exercises, deadlines, expertise, and encouragement as we guide them (or teach you how to guide them!) from point A to Z.

For counselors, we offer essay management and editing services to help you and your students navigate the essay process with ease. We provide comprehensive essay support directly to you and your students, as well as targeted brainstorming, prompt management, and an “Ad-Com” review service if the support you need is more ad-hoc.

Please email us to schedule a consultation to learn about our highly individualized services for students and other independent educational consultants.