March Action Plan – Seniors

Just a few reminders for seniors this month!

• Once your applications have been submitted, be sure to track the status of each app online to ensure all of your application materials were received. Check your junk email folder regularly (daily), so you do not miss correspondence from schools.

• If you have any updates to send colleges (recent academic or extracurricular achievements, updated grades/test scores), please send them ASAP as the application process is winding down and final decisions are being made at this time.

If you know where you are headed next fall, congrats!

As graduation nears and high school comes to a close…enjoy yourself! Graduation signifies exciting new beginnings, but also change. Many of the people you are used to seeing every day at your high school are people you might not see often (or again in some cases), so make the most of spending time with these people (and your family!) the next few months.


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