Time to Prep for AP Exams

I am not a huge fan of AP exams or any standardized exams for that matter, but until colleges stop using them as part of the admissions process, it seems they are here to stay. What I am a huge fan of is free online learning.

For many years, I’ve been using (and plugging on this blog and social) Khan Academy and edX. I think they are both awesome places for high school students to explore possible majors of interest. They also have free modules for test prep, including AP tests. Check out Khan Academy’s offerings, and the specially designed courses to help students prepare for Advanced Placement (AP®) Exams from edX. This is not a paid advertisement (although I plug them both a lot); I just really like the quality of the material they put out and that it is free.

The College Board also offers some free prep materials that you can access on their website.

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