College Planning Tips – Counselor Connection

I opted in to receive emails from the College Board via their Counselor Connection listserv. The newsletters (emails) typically include links to upcoming webinars and other online resources for high school counselors. Right now, I am in China, so only had time to skim the most recent email, but I saved it because the College Planning Tips section caught my attention. I was a bit surprised that the first set of tips was for students grades 6-8. I was also surprised to see them promoting both volunteer and summer enrichment activities, in addition to the use of Khan Academy.

I honestly wonder how many high school counselors are pushing any of these activities (service, summer enrichment, and pre-college planning) in grades 6-8. I fear many of my students (even those at elite private high schools in NYC) are not hearing much of this messaging or at least consistent messaging of this nature this early on (middle school). Some come to me with little or no summer enrichment activities related to academic interests, very light service history, and no knowledge of Khan Academy (a resource I am a fan of, but have no formal affiliation with). I guess they could be hearing it and just not acting on it?

I would love for more students to place an emphasis on service early on in their high school careers, as well as begin exploring their academic interests via summer enrichment programs and modules via Khan Academy. So, I support this message from the College Board and hope more high school counselors pass these resources along to their students and their student’s families.

Local Event: Concussions, What You Need to Know

Concussion Flyer jpeg

As a longstanding member of the Junior League (nearing Sustainer status!!!), I am excited to spread the word about my DIAD group’s next event: Concussions, What You Need to Know.

Our concussion talk will feature a multi-disciplinary group of brain injury experts curated by The Brain Trust. The panel will include medical experts from Dartmouth Medical School, an education professional from Maguire Associates, Inc., and a past president of the Brain Injury Association of Maryland.

Why is it so important to enlighten the public? According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year, emergency departments in the United States treat an estimated 173,285 sports, recreation-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), among children and adolescents from birth to 19 years (CDC 2014).

The panel of experts will provide essential best practices to prevent serious long-term consequences and return individuals to normalcy as quickly as possible after a concussion. They will review early interventions, the role of personnel in educational settings, and how individuals can help students suffering from a head injury.

The JLG’s supporting partners for this event are the Old Greenwich-Riverside Community Center, the YMCA of Greenwich, the YWCA of Greenwich, and the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich.

Guests can register for this event by clicking here.

Interested in learning more about or possibly joining the Junior League of Greenwich? Read more here or email/message me!