California: USC, Caltech, and Lots of Hammer Prep

Back in California! Every year I join the team at Hammer Prep in San Diego as they host two week-long college application workshops (that operate a bit like a bootcamp). Between workshops, I took a few days “off” and headed to LA, where I swung by both USC and Caltech because clearly I just could not pull myself away from all-things-college for more than a few hours. I had seen USC before and minus the surrounding neighborhood, it was as beautiful as ever. Target and Trader Joe’s on campus are two new bonuses. Caltech, on the other hand, was all new to me and I was very impressed. The Cactus Center in Pasadena is a must see. I also got my fill of Big Bang Theory memories at Caltech, and at both schools, took a few snaps (shared above). Now it is time to get back into workshop mode!

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